The Features We like Most about Divi and Those That Benefit Our Clients!

Top Features of Divi WordPress - Websults

About two years ago, Websults began using the Divi Builder (by Elegant Themes) plugin for WordPress to develop clients’ sites. Divi Builder is a visual webpage builder that allows web developers to create webpages visually on a website. The Divi builder is unique in that it allows changes to be viewed while building on the actual website, not the backend; they get to see real changes to design elements instead of just bits of code in a text box.

1. Customizable

Web designers really get to put their talent to the test because by using the Divi builder, they are not stuck with a theme layout but can design whatever they can imagine. This is also good news for inspired clients with specific ideas for how they want their website to look. The builder comes with 20 column structures that can be combined in many different ways, over 40 content (text, images, video, etc.) modules, and thousands of design settings, allowing designers to design beautiful and unique websites for every client. The Divi builder also allows custom CSS to be applied to any module allowing for even more customization.

2. Time Saving

Using Divi also significantly decreases the time to design a new site. It’s drag-and-drop, real time, visual building features allow web designers to build beautiful websites quickly. The Divi Builder also allows for global items to be synced across multiple pages, so the elements that show up on multiple pages (like footers) can be updated all at once; no need update these elements on each page individually!

3. Mobile Friendly

Divi gives themes the ability to be tested on tablet, mobile, and desktop screen sizes. You have the ability to set different views for each device to see how the website will look on various devices. It is very mobile friendly!

4. Add-ons

            There are also several helpful add-ons for Divi to fit client specific needs. There are add-ons for email opt-ins like the Bloom Plug-in to prompt website visitors to subscribe to a company’s newsletter. There are also plug-ins for things like appointment bookings and social media sharing.

Why We Like It

            Austin Ashley, web designer for Websults, says that one of the things he likes most about Divi is its user friendliness. Divi allows clients to make updates and changes to their website visually and on their own. Websults also offers client website trainings to learn how to make simple updates to their site on their own, ensuring their information is always up-to-date!

Interested in a Beautiful Website Built with Divi?

Websults offers a Free 1-hour website consultation and would love to work with you on your website and in your digital marketing efforts. Inquire here.

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