4 Ways to Integrate Salesforce and WordPress


          Salesforce is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM); it allows management of customer information to use for sales, service, and marketing. Salesforce enables business owners and managers to keep a record of all customer related activities (call logs, call notes, quotes, etc.), run and track marketing campaigns, create forms for lead capture, and much more. Integrating Salesforce with WordPress websites can allow customer information (from subscription forms, sales forms, etc.) from your website to be organized in a meaningful way in Salesforce keeping the information all in one place in order to provide customers with a better more personal website and marketing experience. There are several ways Salesforce can be integrated with WordPress…



Ways to Integrate Salesforce with WordPress

Form Builders

  • WPForms – WPForms is a drag and drop form building plugin that offers a variety form templates that can then be embedded in your WordPress website. WPForms offers several pay for packages depending on your needs. In order to integrate WPForms with Salesforce you must install and activate Zapier. This is a good option for marketing and eCommerce businesses.
  • Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms is another form building plugin. It is not a free plugin and you must install Zapier to integrate it with Salesforce.
  • Wufoo Forms – Wufoo Forms is a form building platform that offers Salesforce integration with paid plans. Middleware does not need to be used to integrate Wufoo Forms and Salesforce. Steps to integrate Wufoo Forms and Salesforce are available on the Wufoo website.

WordPress Plugins

  • Zapier – Zapier is middleware software that acts as a bridge to connect systems and/or applications. Zapier can be used to connect WPForms, Gravity Forms, WordPress Leads and WooCommerce to Salesforce.
  • WooCommerce Salesforce Connector – This plugin allows lead information from an order through WooCommerce to be automatically added to Salesforce.
  • Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce plugin – This free plugin integrates Salesforce and allows users to create forms that match your website’s theme directly in WordPress. To add the form to pages or widgets on your website you just use shortcode. Good for collecting minimal data, such as, customer names and emails.
  • WordPress Leads – This is a free Customer Relationship Management plugin that allows to capture and analyze user data and see where the traffic is coming from your site. You must install Zapier to integrate WordPress Leads with Salesforce.

Web-to-Lead function in Salesforce

            The Web-to-Lead function in Salesforce is a free setup wizard used to create forms that automatically submit customer information as a new lead record into Salesforce. It generates HTML that you can embed in your site. Possible drawbacks to this function is that you can only use the fields available in the setup wizard and the generated HTML code may need have additional styling added to match your website’s theme.

Applications or Services that Integrate with Salesforce

Services and/or applications for email marketing, accepting donations, event registration, etc. such as, iATS, Cvent, and MailChimp offer Salesforce integration. These services/applications are usually a paid for item that allows form building. The form is then placed on your WordPress website using Javascript. When a user enters information into the form, it is usually then submitted to the service/application and then synchronized to Salesforce. The forms built using these services/application usually require additional styling to match a website’s theme.


Picking the Method that is Right for You

Picking the right Salesforce and WordPress integration method that will works best for you is really dependent on your needs. How much customer information do you want to collect? If you would like to collect an extensive amount of information, you will want to stay away from methods that limit the number of fields or only collect minimal data. Do you want to collect customer information from sales? You’ll need to choose a method able to do that (Zapier, WooCommerce Salesforce Connector, etc.). How do you want the information organized after it is collected? If you want the information organized differently than just adding a new lead record into Salesforce, you will want to choose a method other than the Web-to-Lead function in Salesforce.

The team at Websults can help in deciding which method would work best for your needs and would be happy to set up the integration for you! As an experienced web development, social marketing, and eCommerce agency, Websults will listen diligently to your needs, ask questions to help identify any other needs or future needs, and will work hard to give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Contact Websults for a Free consultation.

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