Websults has recently launched a new website for actor Mars Roberts, showcasing his talents and the diverse resume he’s built up in a short period of time. He is a driven actor that has appeared in several short films, music videos, TV shows, and more.

From the home page, you will easily be able to navigate the different tabs to read about him and access his contact page for inquiries. You will even be able to see clips and full-length videos of his acting reel.

Roberts was always a storyteller growing up, and felt drawn to acting for much of his life. After fighting off the urge to act for the longest time, he took the plunge and started his career. He’s since appeared in such projects as Artifice, The Malfunction, Nice Guy, and others.

Many of his roles position him as the antagonist, though he sees this as a point of pride. From his perspective, one of the most compelling elements of any story is the anti-hero, the inciter of the plot, the “problem creator”. One of his favorite villains is Cruella DeVille for just this reason: without her, 101 Dalmatians would have had no story!

His point of view has allowed him to more deeply sink into his roles while remaining respectful and sensitive to the broader project’s goals. In the short psychological thriller Hourglass (2019), the main character, Caroline Barnes, experiences a violent sexual assault at the hands of an unnamed assailant. Very few actors responded to the role call for the attacker due to the grim subject matter, but Roberts felt such a story needed to be told, and the attacker’s role needed to be filled.

Overall, Mars Roberts believes in the value of presenting the world as it is, in all its gritty detail. Important social issues should be addressed without feeling the need to pull punches or romanticize, and such genres as horror or thriller can foster such exploration.

Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight remains one of his most pivotal inspirations. Ledger’s legacy, though tragic, also proved how deep an impact an exceptional performance can have on our culture. In the future, he hopes his career will allow him to leave a lasting effect on audiences in a similar way.

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