Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an important software to help develop relationships and provide engagement with current and future customers. This particular type of software helps you gather data to organize and to eventually present a database of information on your customer. Having a great CRM service / software can make it easy to track interactions with your contacts, manage your sales, move opportunities through the pipeline, close deals, provide reports on your results, and plenty more. With all of the data collected, you and your business can successfully keep updated on any new information discovered. CRM is described as a central repository of customer and prospect data which can allow for your business to be organized and productive. Adding software, such as Agile CRM to your WordPress site can benefit your business and we are here to break down the process for you.


Ways to Integrate Agile CRM with WordPress

WordPress and Agile go together incredibly well and makes it very easy to implement Agile onto your site. The most popular method is to use a plugin that Agile has made directly available from their website. The process is simple:

  1. Download the software from the Agile CRM website
  2. Login to your WordPress site
  3. Go to Plugins → ‘Add New’ → ‘Upload Plugin
  4. Upload the zip file that downloaded when you visited Agile’s website (zip file) and click ‘Install Now’
  5. When installed, click ‘Activate Plugin’
  6. You will now it was successful when you see an ‘Agile CRM’ tab on your ‘Main Menu’ tab

There are other ways to do it of course, and these can be done through a myriad of different services.


Integrate Agile CRM With:


Form Builders

Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms is a form building plugin and with Agile integration, can seamlessly sync form entries to Agile.

Wufoo Forms – Wufoo Forms is a form building platform that Agile has integrated with. It provides push form submissions from Wufoo as new contacts in Agile.


WordPress Plugins

Zapier – Zapier is middleware software that acts as a bridge to connect systems and/or applications. Zapier can be used to connect WPForms, Gravity Forms, WordPress Leads and WooCommerce to Agile CRM.

WooCommerce Agile Connector – This plugin is a collaboration between e-commerce software, WooCommerce and Agile CRM to bring “the right blend of customer management, smart campaigns & personalized web engagement.”


Applications or Services that Integrate with Agile CRM

Agile CRM has multiple partners that collaborate to bring the best experience. Some examples are:


Social Plugins 

(See contact activity and integrate social media into sales and marketing campaigns)

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Google Plus


Support Software Integrations 

(View tickets and chats)

  • Zendesk

  • ClickDesk

  • HelpScout

  • LiveHelp Now


Email Integration

(Track every conversation)

  • IMAP

  • Google Apps

  • Microsoft Exchange


Picking the Integration Method that is Right for You

It’s important to think about your needs when considering which option is best for you and your business. There is a lot to Customer Relationship Management and sorting through all of the different ways to implement it may be stressful, but it’s good to narrow down your options based on what you are seeking. You may be looking for methods that bring in the maximum amount of data or collect a minimal amount. You may consider if you want to collect customer information from sales for which you would read up on your choices to see which integration does it best. Be sure to read carefully about each form and plugin and ask to see a demo if possible.


History of Agile CRM

Like many companies, everything has a start and a history leading up to a reason why something was created. It all starts with a problem and the people who work for a solution. Agile CRM started as an application called ClickDesk, where customers can chat with representatives and where a business can provide effective customer service. The application amassed a lot of users very quickly, making it hard for the company to keep up with communicating with ClickDesk customers. They got the idea to try out other CRM software to help with managing customer communications and information but grew frustrated with the last of the answers to their needs. So, they put all of their data into a simple app and built it themselves for internal use. However, after using it they realized their application could be of great use to small, growth-oriented businesses. They released it to be used publicly and called it Agile CRM and proudly continue to update it today.


Websults can help integrate your website with your CRM

If you are having trouble deciding what would work best for you, or you have general questions, we would be happy to set up the integration for you! We at Websults have years of experience in web development, forms integration, search marketing, and eCommerce solutions.

Contact Websults for a free consultation at or (727) 597-7300.

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