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March 9, 2011 – (Nashville, TN) – Cimarron Healthcare Strategies, a healthcare consulting firm specializing in smaller hospitals, just launched a brand new website to distinguish itself within the industry. Websults designed the site, which features:

  • Flash component in home page which quickly represents primary services of company
  • Custom web design
  • Integration of WordPress content management system so client can update site
  • Full-color stock photography
  • Secure contact form

Cimarron needed the site as a consistent marketing tool for its brand.

“We are introducing ourselves into a market with a large number of consulting firms,” Cimarron CEO Ray Ford said. “We were interested in differentiating our product offerings from the competition and knew a large number of personal contacts that we wanted to refer to the website as a way of giving a consistent message to all of them.”

Websults is experienced in building sites for healthcare clients. In fact, it was a previous healthcare client that referred Cimarron to Websults.

“We enjoy working with healthcare clients because they inherently understand the importance of establishing the right web presence to reach consumers,” Websults Principal Jonathan Weindruch said. “A well-built web site is the most effective tool in reaching potential clients within the healthcare industry.”

Ford agrees.

“From personal experience, we knew that an email from an acquaintance who refers you to a website is more effective in getting you to follow up than phone calls or direct mail,” he said. “We expect to start an online newsletter and are using the website as a means of soliciting subscribers to that newsletter.”

Websults and Cimarron look forward to a continued partnership as Cimarron grows its online presence.

“Websults provided us consistently good advice and a clear focus on making our website as effective as we wanted to make it,” Ford said. “I couldn’t have asked for a more personal, professional service. It was one of the few instances in my career when I felt I got more than I paid for.”

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