A nonprofit organization’s website may be an important tool in communicating an organization’s mission, but it can also be an opportunity for sustained funding for the organization.
CLC online donation form

Online Donation Form

Organizations can include custom-designed donation forms on their site. These secure forms allow donors to direct their donation to an organization and even to a specific project of the organization. Churches can support annual fund drives with secure online donation forms. Nonprofit organizations conducting pledge drives can publicize an online donation form as a way to donate. Event organizers can use online donation forms to secure donations and to keep track of expected event attendance.

At Websults, we created custom secure online donation forms for Tennessee nonprofit organization Mother to Mother, Covenant Life Church in Tampa, FL and Fizeek!, a Nashville nonprofit organization dedicated to fitness education. We also built custom donation and event registration forms for Quigley House shelter in Florida. We create customized forms for our clients using Wufoo. If you want to see more examples of our experience in creating online forms, or are a nonprofit organization needing customized online forms, contact us.

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