Do you struggle with attracting dermatology patients online? Does your website need more traffic through search engines, like Google or Bing? Could your website design and patient experience improve?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone. Dermatology practices across the Tampa Bay area (and the entire United States) need help communicating their value and services on the web. And that’s where Webresults Health™ can help.

Today, our web pros will share seven top tips for your dermatology website, backed by our experience in healthcare-focused web design, development, and search engine marketing services.

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List All of Your Dermatology Services Online

When a prospective patient clicks on your website, they want to see all that your dermatology facility offers to meet their skin and skincare needs. It may seem like a no-brainer to list all of your dermatology services online; however, many dermatology providers neglect to do it.

It’s important to showcase your services in a variety of ways—to an audience that’s either familiar, unfamiliar, or experienced in dermatology care. For example, new “rookie” patients may be looking for ways to detect and treat skin cancer. Other “experienced” dermatology patients may be interested in cosmetic procedures to address specific needs, like sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Regardless of each patient’s motive for visiting a dermatologist, your website needs to market all of your services. To best appeal to your broad audience, Webresults Health recommends listing out dermatology needs and solutions by service type and service offering. So, what does that look like?


Dermatology Service Type

First, consider categorizing your dermatology service offerings into three different “types” or categories. For example, this could be listed as:

  • Medical Dermatology
  • Surgical Dermatology
  • Cosmetic Dermatology

Listing your services in dermatology “types” or categories helps both rookie and experienced patients become more familiar with what’s involved with each specific service. Check out how Webresults Health implemented the specific types of dermatology into Curcio Dermatology’s home page.



Dermatology Service Offering

Next, consider listing out all of your services offered—and we mean everything.

Eczema, psoriasis, and acne treatments. Botox therapy and chemical peels. Skin cancer detection and treatment. Whatever dermatology service you offer, list it. You’ll make a lasting impression of the experience and services you offer as a top-trusted dermatology practice.

Pro Tip: The more services you list, the more likely you are to have prospective customers find your site online through search engines like Google or Bing. (We’ll touch more on SEO later.) So, list services as many places as you can on your website—your home page, services pages, and everywhere in between.

For help attracting new and experienced patients digitally, contact Webresults Health.


Feature Photos of Healthy

Your new and prospective patients want healthy-looking skin—so show them pictures to make a lasting impression.

Do you treat skin complications like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea? Feature photos of clear, non-irritated skin. Do you offer MedSpa services, such as medical peels, microneedling, and dermablading? Show a face that shines. You can even include “before and after” images of treatments, as long as your patient’s face isn’t recognizable.

Pro Tip: Avoid featuring the full face of your patients, especially when there are privacy and legal policies at stake. Instead, stage photos or purchase stock images through websites like Getty or iStock.

If you aren’t including good examples of how your services promote healthy skin, you’re missing a big opportunity to answer your patients’ skin and medical needs.

Need help with website photos, design, and development? Contact Webresults Health today.


Boost Your About Us & Provider Bios Section

Whether your practice has a few staff members or a whole team of dermatology providers, patients want to know they’re in good hands before they step through your door.

An easy way to build trust between physicians, nurses, aestheticians, and patients is through your “About Us” section—especially by featuring your provider biographies online.

A good dermatology bio includes highlights about each provider, including top interest points:

  • Dermatology experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Skin and skincare specialties
  • Personal interests
  • Residing location—ex: the Tampa Bay area

Each one of these interest points builds repertoire for your practice. It also helps prospective patients feel comfortable scheduling an appointment, especially now that they know a little more about who’s behind their service. (People love to do business with people they know and trust.)

Pro tip: Include photos of your staff members, too! It helps patients recognize providers when they meet them in person.

Need help creating and designing provider bios? Contact Webresults Health today.


Highlight Good Patient Reviews

If your patients are happy with the dermatology services you provide, then you can leverage their reviews for better web traffic and exposure online.

In the past, healthcare practices could rely solely on word-of-mouth marketing for their business. While word-of-mouth is still important, new generations of dermatology patients rely on technology and trust to find the right provider for their needs.

If your website has a few ratings or reviews online, this could pose a risk to future patient leads. The good news is, there are a few ways to solve this. Consider using these review tactics:

  1. “How Would You Rate Your Service?” Utilize email marketing, follow-up texts, or takeaway fliers to encourage reviews and ratings online
  2. “10% Off Your Next Service.” Encourage incentives to leave Google reviews on their overall office experience.
  3. “Tell Us How We’re Doing.” Ask your office staff to reach out to current and past clients to gather their feedback.

Once you have a good database of patient feedback, feature it on your website!

Pro Tip: Include call-out reviews throughout your website. Consider creating a “Reviews” page, too, which features dermatology keywords, patient locations, and more.

Need assistance featuring reviews on your website? Contact Webresults Health to hear how our web design and development helps you get noticed by prospective patients. Check out how Webresults Health designed and included patient reviews on Curcio Dermatology’s home page.


Showcase Knowledge with Blog Posts

Search engine optimization (SEO) picks up keywords from your website and helps rank your website against other dermatology searches online.

A simple way to boost your ranking is to include more dermatology terms on your website. So, how do you do that? The number one way to keep your website relevant is through blogging.

Sit down with your staff and plan out topics that are relevant to your business. For example, as summer approaches, you may want to write a blog about sunscreen use and summer safety tips for your skin. As winter approaches, you may want to blog about dry skin remedies and tips for patients with eczema or psoriasis.

Pro tip: If you notice you aren’t booking many appointments for specific services, blog about it! The more content you create on your site, the more likely your website will appear during a Google search on, let’s say, “How often should I apply sunscreen?”

Want to feature blog posts on your website? Contact Webresults Health to learn how this fits into our web design, SEO, and hosting packages.


Promote Offers

Do you run seasonal or monthly dermatology specials on medical, surgical, cosmetic, or MedSpa services? Then feature the offers on your website.

Consider creating a “Specials” page and add it to your main website navigation. Be sure to include the specifics of your promotions on a standalone page, including relevant info like:

  • Package title
  • Dermatology services included
  • Offer details
  • Special discounts or total cost
  • Expiration date
  • How to book

You can also use this “Specials” page link on social media posts to help generate more traffic to your website. To keep this page fresh, set a reminder to remove out-of-date offers once they expire.

Pro tip: Feature a special “teaser” offer on your home page, and link to the “Specials” page for more details about the offer(s). Not only does it help patients find the offers quickly, but it helps promote more clicks on your web pages to find information on other dermatology services.

Need help designing your dermatology website to promote special offers and incentives?  Contact Webresults Health for advice.


Make it Easy to Schedule an Appointment

Once your prospective patients find the information they need, make it easy to schedule an appointment.

In your “Contact Us” section, include your business address, phone number, email, and business hours, along with how to book an appointment. Make it clear—the easier it is for them to find the details, the more likely they are to schedule a service.

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Discover the Difference with Webresults HealthTM

At Webresults Health, we recognize your job is to focus on the patients you serve, and it’s our job to develop custom websites and marketing services to make your life easier.

With over a decade of experience, we can help your dermatology business grow digitally. As a top-rated Tampa marketing agency, we have multiple client success stories in the areas of SEO, paid search, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Our experienced team at Webresults Health offers custom website design and development, web hosting, and search engine marketing services to the dermatology industry and other healthcare facilities and clinics nationwide.

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