Why Google Matters to Businesses

Google is one of the world’s most popular search engines and a household name. Google has become so large that the act of looking up an answer has been referred to as “Googling it”. This search engine has also made itself incredibly valuable to companies who wish to be found easier through users looking them, or something related to their business, up. Google has provided many avenues to be found, especially if you are aware of their products and how their algorithm works. Mastering Google and understanding it can lead you to becoming incredibly more visible to users and it is worth taking the time to learn about it.


What Is a Quick Answer?

Many users who look up something want an answer immediately, and Google has responded to that need. A “quick answer” In Google is just that, a speedy answer to your question at the top of the search query. When you look up a simple question that has a simple answer, Google will take a trustworthy website that has the correct answer and will display a relevant excerpt from that page above everything else. This is a fantastic way to get your name out there as someone is more likely to click on your link since they already know that your website has the answer to their question.


How to Optimize Your Website For Quick Answer

Quick answers are a fantastic way to get users to your website so understanding what Google looks for when pulling from websites is essential in order to get your name up there. It’s important to note that Google will pull from an established and well put together website that it considers trustworthy by users.  Here are some tips to keep in mind so you know how you may want to format your website to get Google’s attention:

  • Make your texts have a clear and easy to read answer that can be easily clipped for Google to use
  • Your website should have great formatting that is easy to understand and navigate
  • Have a large amount of referring domains to build trust
  • Pages are less than 2,000 words
  • “How to” pages should be in a step by step format
  • Individual answers should have their own pages

Appearing on Google’s Quick Answers won’t happen overnight, it takes time for Google’s algorithm to learn to trust a website and prioritize it over other sites. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your page make it to the top. Rather, make sure you continue to stay up to date with Google’s requirements and continue finessing your website’s current content and creating new, relevant content. Eventually, Google can begin to trust your website and will recommend you to users looking to find answers to questions your company can help with.

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