Clearwater, FL – June 19, 2018 – Google Chrome, the most popular web browser, is changing the way that it marks the security level of websites. Starting in July with Chrome version 68, all Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) websites will be marked as “not secure.” Websults®, a web design, SEO, and digital marketing agency in Clearwater, is offering a free analysis to ensure that your business’ website will not be impacted.

SSLGoogle is making this change as part of its on-going efforts to encourage businesses to move to HTTPS encrypted websites; the “S” at the end of HTTPS stands for “secure.” HTTPS websites protect the privacy and security of web users, and they also offer businesses the added benefits of search engine preference and increased loading speeds. Websults recommends that companies transition to HTTPS protocol as a good business practice.

If your business still has an HTTP website, it will work as normal after July. However, the “not secure” warning will be prominently displayed next to your domain name in the top address bar, alerting users that any information entered into the site, such as a username, a password, a credit card number, or even a search term, are not protected and could be hacked. To secure your site and to protect your customers, Websults will install SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology and will handle all steps of the conversion process for you.

Websults is a web design, SEO, and digital marketing agency that offers custom website development, innovative optimization, and digital marketing solutions. Websults has developed hundreds of custom designed WordPress websites and actively manages online marketing campaigns for multiple clients. Websults serves clients across North America and maintains an office at 13555 Automobile Blvd, Suite 370, Clearwater, FL 33762. To schedule a free website analysis, contact Websults at 813-666-4600 or visit their website at


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