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June 7, 2013 – (Nashville, TN) – Websults® recently completed, a web site designed for North Carolina appeals attorney Mark L. Hayes. The site features:

  • Mr. Hayes’ professional experience
  • Information on choosing an appellate attorney
  • Consultation request form
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Updated blog

Mr. Hayes, whose office is based in Durham, N.C., wanted to increase his visibility throughout the state of North Carolina.

“I needed a way to reach clients directly,” he said. Mr. Hayes contacted Websults to help him with this goal.

Before work began on the site’s development, Websults worked with Mr. Hayes to determine how potential site visitors were searching online for appeals attorneys in North Carolina and which keywords they were using in their searches.

“That market research was informative and helped me make the decision to build the site,” Mr. Hayes said.

When designing the site, Websults incorporated keywords and phrases to increase the site’s visibility on search engines, a process known as search engine optimization (SEO).

“As we did with Mr. Hayes, we can provide crucial information to our clients on how potential site visitors are searching online,” Websults Principal Jonathan Weindruch said. “With this information, our clients are able to maintain a dynamic online presence, thus increasing site visits and potential new business.”

Mr. Hayes keeps his site updated through WordPress CMS, another element Websults included to increase search engine visibility.

“WordPress and the search engine optimization were the tools I needed for my site,” Mr. Hayes said. “Websults was responsive to my needs and provided me with the website I wanted. I would recommend them.”

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