January 22, 2019 (Clearwater, Fla.) – Websults, a Clearwater, FL. Based web development and digital marketing firm, launched a new Ecommerice site for nearby Clearwater Cylinder Head, LLC. (CCH) on December 27th, 2018. Clearwater Cylinder Head being one of the largest and finest cylinder head re-manufacturing plants in the U.S rebuilds/exchanges automotive and truck cylinder heads in both foreign and domestic markets.

Clearwater Cylinder Head Website Development - Websults

Clearwater Cylinder Head, LLC Homepage

The new Clearwater Cylinder Head website (https://www.cylinder-heads.com/) is a modern, user-friendly site with a clean layout and extensive online shop complete with pictures and descriptions of CCH’s cylinder head inventory.

One of the most prominent and user-friendly features of the site is the search feature (https://www.cylinder-heads.com/search-by-make-and-model/). This feature is a custom database comprised from a vehicle database integrated with CCH’s cylinder head data allowing users to search CCH’s inventory of cylinder heads for a specific vehicle year, make, and model. This feature cuts down on much of the user’s confusion and guess-work in searching for the cylinder head fit for their needs.

If no results populate based on the user’s search inquiry for a specific vehicle year, make, and model, the search function then takes the user to a request form that is pre-populated with the searched data. To submit a request for a specific cylinder head, the user just has to add their name and contact info. to the form and click “submit”. This feature has led to hundreds of requests/inquires since the site’s launch. Clearwater Cylinder Head rarely received requests from their old website.

Tim Mather from Clearwater Cylinder Head commented on the new site, “Websults created a new website for us that improved our online store and increased our website sales, I would highly recommend their services.”

Jonathan Weindruch, President of Websults, stated regarding the project “It was a pleasure to work with Clearwater Cylinder Head to develop a new and modern user-friendly custom website. We are delighted that the new website is generating several leads per day, and we hope to partner with them in the future on SEO projects to make their website a true competitive advantage in their industry.”

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