The first few weeks at a new company significantly impact the chances of someone succeeding and being a great asset to your business. Effective new hire onboarding is something every company needs to focus on to offer the highest level of success for both employees and business owners. Technology can help to streamline this process and make it easier and quicker for everyone to focus on the main parts of the job role they were hired for.

We recommend every business leverage intranets and websites to support this process, so keep reading to discover how you can enhance your onboarding process this year.


Understanding New Hire Onboarding

The onboarding process is critical to ensure that new employees fully understand your company’s expectations and are set up for success. When employees are simply thrown into a job role on the first day of work, they often need more information to work effectively. Onboarding usually involves training, data collection, and company policy familiarization, focusing on compliance, culture, and clarification.

Intranets allow you to have everything in one location for your new employees. A big challenge of traditional onboarding methods is that too much information is shared with employees differently, leaving new employees confused and exhausted. Intranets and websites help to give new employees one portal and a clear path to completing the onboarding process by the specified deadline.


The Role of Intranets in Onboarding

Companies can use intranets to enhance communication and share information necessary for new hires. It streamlines this information to one central digital workplace. On top of that, you can personalize your intranet and add video training, discussion forums, or instant messaging if you think these features would be helpful. Having everything in one location is the most significant advantage of this option. Still, you’ll also find it speeds up the onboarding process and stops managers and supervisors from needing to oversee every stage of the onboarding process.

When implemented in your company, you’ll find that an intranet can help to offer you a centralized location for access to resources and information to facilitate the onboarding process. You can add interactive training modules and resources that the newly hired employees can work through during the time assigned by their manager or supervisors. You’ll be able to personalize the learning stream based on the job position and level within the company to ensure everyone receives the information needed for their unique job.


Leveraging Websites for Onboarding

A dedicated onboarding website will help support your new hires in their onboarding; however, you must ensure you add the key features to support them. Start by adding a customized welcome message and introduction to the company so they feel valued in your workplace. You can add interactive multimedia content for training and orientation, which employees can return to and refer to in the future if needed. We always recommend adding FAQ sections to help new hires save their managers time with simple questions. Self-service resources for common queries can also be added, with employees having the option to download files or information they may need for HR and training purposes.

Your website is a good place to integrate your new hires into the company culture and values. Share more information about your company’s success through employee stories, making them excited to work for your organization. We also recommend leveraging third-party websites like SweetProcess to document key employee processes and procedures.


Best Practices for Implementing Intranets and Websites in Onboarding

Intranets and websites are excellent tools for onboarding when implemented correctly. Ensure you align your technology with your onboarding objectives to avoid disconnecting your employees. You’ll also need to ensure your website or intranet is accessible and user-friendly. Remember, you will be dealing with new hires of all ages and from various backgrounds, so make sure it’s simple to use and navigate. Complete regular updates and improvements to your sites based on employee feedback to make these tools as effective as possible. Finally, security is the biggest concern when conducting online training and onboarding. Consider sensitive onboarding information and ensure you comply with industry regulations.


Case Study in the Healthcare Industry: Successful Implementation

Many companies have followed the tips we’ve shared today to offer their employees a practical onboarding experience. Immuware understands how using technology can help enhance their onboarding experience within the occupational healthcare industry. Occupational health software works to manage and maintain the well-being of employees. Not only can it offer a database of information about employees, but it can also help to ensure they keep up to date with any regulations in your workplace.

For new hires, they usually have an introduction to the company culture from the very beginning. They understand from Immuware the health and well-being values that the company has and how they can protect themselves when working for you. The software can also be tailored to individual profiles from the first day, keeping them on track from the beginning.


Start Improving the Employee New Hire Onboarding Experience Today

Intranets and websites are key tools for companies in any industry to onboard their employees. To enhance your onboarding process, consider using this type of technology to provide your employees with the answers to all the questions they may have as new employees. You’ll want to think back to your first days with the company to offer them the information and resources to support them. We expect to see more ways to enhance the employee experience as technology develops. Remember, the first impression you make can change the course of someone’s future with the company, so never underestimate the importance of a proper welcome to your business.


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