With “cancel culture” at an all-time high, many companies, brands, and individuals are walking on eggshells with their online reputation. Find out how a reputation management company can help change the online narrative surrounding your business!


Before social media and online reviews became mainstream, people would share their negative thoughts or opinions amongst themselves. While these opinions and negative reviews used to remain in conversations, now people are able to share their thoughts and experience about your company publicly on any social media platform. In many ways, these online platforms offer businesses a variety of business opportunities and positive connections with their clients and customers. But, for those who are being attacked by competitors or 3rd parties, these comments, and negative reviews can be extremely damaging to the company’s reputation.

Rather than letting a business crumble from bad reviews or negative online conversations, a business can hire a reputation management company to give their professional expertise in how to handle the situation. Learn more about what a reputation management company is and how you can benefit from one!


How Does a Reputation Management Company Work?

A reputation management company focuses on assisting organizations whose brand, business, or individual reputation has been damaged and targeted by competitors or 3rd parties. While some companies will hire a reputation management company to help establish a positive online brand, the majority will hire one to improve their damaged reputation after their reputation was intentionally attacked and targeted online. From negative online conversations and reviews to defamatory comments, a reputation management company works with clients to manage their online perception.

While negative comments are occasionally expected from a company, a reputation management company works to make sure these comments don’t outshine the many positive ones. By creating a balance in their online presence, future customers and clients can see a more accurate version of their company rather than only the negative.

Learn more about how a reputation management company works in the YouTube video below.


How Do Reputation Management Companies Actually Help?

You might be thinking that you can manage your company’s online reputation without any assistance. While this may work for companies who have a couple of bad reviews, those who have multiple bad reviews, defamatory comments, or negative online conversations surrounding their company’s name, should definitely seek professional assistance. Reputation management companies aim to make work easier for their clients. They allow their clients to focus on their actual business and work rather than having to deal with nagging comments. In return, the businesses will be able to continue to operate as per usual while their reputation management team can assist behind the scenes. Here are some of the ways a reputation management company helps out a business:


1. Analysis

Before implementing new campaigns or addressing the comments online, a reputation management company will do an online analysis report to find the root of the problem. The business’s online reputation will be tracked at the start of their services and throughout their services to monitor improvements. In this analysis, the team can determine the best plan to achieve a better online reputation.

2. SEO

For long-term results, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important to be utilized from the start of the plan. Since Google is the #1 most used search engine across the world, having a high ranking on Google will improve your business’s reputation. A reputation management company can help implement SEO services that will increase your Google ranking and manage the damaging content on your Google page, therefore, improving your online image, search traffic, and online leads.

3. Customer Reviews

If your potential clients and customers search for your business and are immediately met with negative reviews, they will take their business elsewhere. That is why managing your customer reviews and replying to them in Google My Business (now Google Maps) is crucial. If you choose to ignore these reviews, it will give off the impression that you don’t care about your customers. Additionally, it will give you the opportunity to either make your mistake right or clear your name if it is defamatory. A reputation management company can help generate a proper response, give guidance for removing false information, or provide options for legal solutions.

4. Social Media

Despite its many positive opportunities for business, social media can be the nail in the coffin for many businesses struggling with their reputation. Since cancel culture has given the power to the consumer to base their opinion on what they see online, it is important to maintain a positive online perception. If there is a negative conversation surrounding your business, content creators can viciously attack your business for even something as simple as a misunderstanding. That is why a reputation management company can help control the online buzz and make sure that your business is accurately represented online.


Should Businesses Hire a Reputation Management Company?

If you are on the fence about deciding to hire a reputation management company, let us be the first to tell you to do it. These companies are professionally trained on how to handle these difficult situations. With customizable curated plans, a reputation management company can assist your business regardless of the damage. That being said, a poorly selected reputation management company can be detrimental to your online reputation and your pockets. Let us give you our top tips for finding a reputable and reliable reputation management company.

If you want to learn more about reputation management and why it is important for your business, check out this short educational YouTube video by the LeBow College of Business.


Tips for Finding a Reliable Reputation Management Company

Since reputation management companies can take clients all around the world, there is no shortage of options for searching. While there are endless companies, there are only so many companies that should even be an option. Finding a reputation management company that is reliable, honest, and can produce real results can be a difficult task. That is why we have created a list of tips for helping assist you in this search. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before hiring a reputation management company.

  1. How many years have they been in the reputation management industry?
  2. What does the company’s online reputation look like? Do they have many positive and/or negative reviews?
  3. How are their communication skills with you and your team? Do you feel like they are able to handle pressing questions and negative comments in a respectful yet concise manner?
  4. Do they have any specializations in their reputation management? If so, does your business align with their specializations?
  5. What is the company’s approach to improving your business’s reputation? Are they only focused on removing negative content and not proactively building a positive reputation?

By asking these questions, you can either gain more clarity or confidence in hiring the right company for your reputation management needs. Learn more about how you can determine whether a reputation management company is the right fit for you in the YouTube video below.


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