SEO is a tool businesses in all industries benefit from to enhance their online presence. Since 2008, Semrush has been a pivotal tool in improving SEO for companies and boosting the success of businesses online. Today, we will learn more about this SEO evolution by discovering the roots, growth, and impact of Semrush. Keep reading as we head back in time to learn about the founding of the company and its contributions to the digital marketing landscape over the past years.


Inception: The Birth of Semrush

Semrush was established in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov, two childhood friends passionate about SEO and new technologies. Their initial customers were just a few of their friends, and the business started with two tools to help identify best practices. The two friends had been working behind the scenes since 2006 to develop a tool for their personal use, which they called Seodigger, before renaming SEOquake the following year. After sharing this with their friends and networks, they added new features and tested the tool to increase its usability and popularity.

Of course, any business launch isn’t going to be without its challenges. The early days of Semrush saw the company starting with just a couple of tools and minimal features. Funding was a challenge in the early days, and the company only went public on the New York Stock Exchange on March 24, 2021. Managing the company’s growth has also been challenging, with uncertainty around hiring new employees and ensuring they’ll be able to afford them year after year. You may be surprised that until 2018, the company grew without raising funds, showcasing how strongly the founders wanted to stick to their original vision.


Rise to Prominence: Establishing Authority in SEO

After the company’s founding, Semrush soon began to be seen as an authority in the industry. Each year, the business continued to add to its toolkit and offer additional services to fit the digital marketing needs of businesses worldwide. By 2012, they offered four different tools, increasing to five in 2013 and eight by 2014. By 2020, this had risen to 50 tools for businesses, thanks to the endless dedication to shaping SEO strategies and best practices.

The company’s mission has always been to offer more transparent online competition for its users. They want to make improving your online presence and website easier than ever, helping your business to grow alongside Semrush. Thanks to this clear vision, the company has become one of the most trusted sources for SEO competitive analysis and market insights. Businesses like Amazon, Tesla, Apple, and IBM trust Semrush because of its high-quality products and excellent results.


Global Expansion and Strategic Partnerships

As of today, Semrush offers over 50 tools to users and sees usage by 7 million people in about 143 countries. While the founders are from Russia, this has become a global brand that can help websites in various languages attract more users worldwide. The company’s success is partly attributed to its strategic partnerships with industry leaders and organizations that helped build trust in its services. As the site’s popularity grew, companies and SEO professionals signed up for the service and shared its benefits with their clients. The new add-ons helped to cement them as a market leader that was in touch with the changing digital marketing industry trends.


Recognition and Accolades

Over the years, Semrush has received many awards for its contributions to the digital marketing landscape. Last year, the company received the G2 2023 Best Software Awards for Marketing and Digital Advertising and Global Software Companies. It has also won search awards in Europe, the US, and the UK, showing its global popularity. On top of that, Semrush now runs its awards with the Semrush Search Awards. Satisfied customers of Semrush share how the software has helped them take their digital marketing campaigns from strength to strength, offering them a chance to connect to a wider audience. Users praise the service’s ease of use and how well the company adapts to the changing market to ensure success year after year.


Challenges and Resilience

Semrush is a business that has seen its fair share of challenges over the years. The future is looking bright for the company since it went public and raised funds in 2018 to better support the business’s future. Their biggest challenges in recent years include algorithm updates, data privacy regulations worldwide, and competition from other new businesses. The pandemic changed how many of us work, which ended up being a period of great growth for the company as more people than ever began working from home.


Future Outlook and Continued Innovation

The past few years have been very exciting for Semrush as the company has gone public. The company continues to adapt its offerings for the current time and understands its role in the future of digital marketing. Two recent additions to Semrush we were excited to learn about include Semrush Copilot and ContentShake AI. Semrush Copilot offers you SEO alerts powered by AI, and ContentShake AI helps you optimize your content by analyzing SERP data. We can only imagine that the company will rely on AI technology more in the future, allowing for some incredibly advanced features to help businesses in all industries.


About Websults

As you can see, Semrush is a proven SEO tool for businesses worldwide, and the company has had a huge influence on the digital marketing and SEO landscape. The company continues to evolve year after year and works to understand the ever-changing needs of its customers. If you need assistance with your SEO or Semrush campaign management, then our team at Websults will gladly support you. Contact us today with any questions you have or to discuss your project with our team of SEO experts.

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