Have you ever had to try to figure out what visual message your client wants to display on their soon to be newly designed website. This can sometimes be fun or challenging task depending upon the amount of information your client has shared with you on that initial call. You know you want to add life and creativity to the new site but how can you do it and still focus on the clients overall message?

Below are a few steps you can take to enhance the website through visual images and video:

  • Timeliness– Choose stock images or video that is current. Did you know there are over 644 million websites on the web with 571 new websites created every minute? With these numbers the odds of you choosing an image that has already been purposed on another website are pretty high. By sorting through the images, newest to oldest, you reduce those odds greatly and will be able to find an image that hasn’t been overly used.
  • Consistency– You need to ensure the images you are choosing are consistent to the websites design. The images should be on topic to the message your client is trying to project. They should be within the color scheme and feel of the site. While bright neon images with individuals having fun may be great for a bowling website it more than likely will not work for Professional Law Firms website.
  • Exceptional Quality– Always utilize sites where images are of high quality. There is a great amount of websites out there with free images, but they could be of low quality. This could result in grainy or fuzzy images once uploaded to the newly designed site.
  • Legal– You need to ensure images are approved for Commercial Design Purposes. If they are not, you are more than likely not allowed to repurpose them on another website for commercial purposes.

Finally, always remember: Every Picture Tells A Story. Always keep that in the back of your mind when selecting images. What story are you trying to tell and what story is your client trying to tell. Make sure you both are telling the same story and this will make it a lot easier when it comes time to select those images or videos.

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