Life can change unexpectedly and you may find yourself thrown into a different routine than what you are used to. Sometimes, those changes could mean being placed in a different work environment. When you are called upon to stay home to continue your workdays, it may be hard to adjust to the change of scenery while keeping up your productivity. If you are struggling to make the adjustment to working remotely, check out these tips to keep you afloat in a unique change of territory. 

Maintaining Security

     If you are working outside of your company grounds and handling sensitive information, having the right security tools is essential to limit any data breaches that could happen. One should have a unique wifi signal with the broadband to effectively upload and transfer files and documents. Two-factor authorization should be activated as well as having a secure email system where phishing and scams are limited and easily distinguishable from official correspondence. It would be wise to work under a VPN if your company has not already advised you to do so to keep everything internal and secure. 

Getting Into the Work Mindset.

     It can be hard for most to transition into a place of productivity when they are allowed to work on their bed or in their Pajamas. It’s important to treat your new office space as an actual one, and that could mean changing into your professional clothes to put you into the working mood. Setting a schedule is important too, and that may include setting up waking and work hours to put your body into a routine that could become a habit to keep you in that mindset. It may also be a good idea to avoid technological distractions such as social media and television, just like how you would at an official workspace.    

Building a Place to be Productive

     It’s easy to get distracted by working in a place you are used to relaxing in after a long day at the worksite. To put on a different mindset, you should convert an area of your home into a makeshift office where you feel enough separation to feel that you can be more productive. If you have such a spot, you can easily separate your work life from your home life and avoid the work creep that could make it hard to transition after your workday. It may be helpful to also avoid pets and family to limit the distractions that they may inadvertently cause, so your new work area should have some divide with something such as a closed door. 

Remember to Communicate

     When working from home you do not have the ability to have easy face to face communication. It’s wise to keep your boss and coworkers in the know of what you are working on and your progress. Keep your tone light, but professional since it’s hard to set a tone in writing that doesn’t sound too intense. 

Self Care

     When being confined to a space for days at a time between work and relaxation, it’s important to take care of yourself. Be sure to take short breaks and step away when you need to and are feeling overwhelmed, but don’t make it for too long so that you lose motivation. Be sure to connect with others as well via video feed, be it work friends or family to have that essential social connection. Don’t be too hard on yourself either if you find your mind wandering or suddenly see that you are 5 pages deep on an Amazon list. If this is a new work transition, you need time to adjust and learn to discipline yourself. There are plenty of resources online that you can use to reference and tailor to your specific needs.


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