Web hosting is a service that allows companies and organizations to publish a website to the Internet. Web hosting companies are the ones who provide all of the technologies that allow for this functionality. They do this by purchasing or leasing space on a server in a data center that is connected to the Internet. When individuals go online and type in your organizations’ domain name in their browser they are directed to your website. This is accomplished through the server.

Many companies share servers with other websites which allows website owners to pay a small monthly fee making web hosting very cost effective.

However, some websites may require their own servers based upon the nature of their specific business. These companies require Custom Web Hosting. The following are 5 reasons why a website owner may require Custom Web Hosting.

1. High Levels of Traffic- Some websites will tend to have a lot more visitors to their site than some traditional websites. These sites are typically retail sites in which product or services are being sold at high rates. Internet users will flock to these sites seeking deals or product, which can drive up the rates of visitors (traffic). Typically, these types of businesses would require their own custom web hosting.

2. Enhanced Functionality- There are websites that require more difficult or advanced functionality that could result in having a need for Custom Web Hosting. Websites with shopping carts or “design your own” are great examples of this. These sites require advanced functionality like a custom “checkout” program or the ability to “design/ create your own closet”, as an example.

3. Improved Performance- Some website owners feel that with Custom Web Hosting they have will always have improved performance. When you are not sharing a server with other companies, your website will typically run faster. Checkout processes are usually quicker and therefore you have happier customers.

4. Highly Available Capabilities- When a company is running on it’s own personal server, the likelihood of their entire site going down is slim. When you are sharing servers with other websites, there is more chance of a server going down since it is supporting so many individual websites. Unfortunately, once the server goes down all of the websites on that server will go down as well. Some companies prefer Custom Web Hosting for this reason alone, especially if the majority of their business is delivered from the Internet.

5. 100% Technical Support- With Custom Web Hosting you always have 100% Technical Support. The company hosting your website will typically always be available for you and your website needs.

One additional step that can be taken after your custom web hosting is established is to add the support of CloudFlare. CloudFare is a system that can be used with any website that has a domain and platform. The purpose of CloudFare is to support your site with additional security that can improve site performance and limit spam and other potential cyber threats. CloudFare also enhances your websites pages, which equals much quicker load time for your visitors. Essentially, CloudFare increases page load times and accelerates your website while protecting your site from potential cyber attacks.

Please feel free to contact us directly at https://www.websults.com/contact/ to discuss how Websults can assist you and your website with all your Custom Web Hosting and CloudFare needs.

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