Imagine this nightmare scenario: you have hired a new web designer, but they are not responding. You have deadlines to meet for the new website, but still no response. Days have turned into weeks. Have you been ghosted?


What is Ghosting?

The act of ghosting is the sudden, unexplainable ending of a relationship without further communication or contact. When people think of ghosting, it is typically limited to personal relationships. Although it is not as commonly referenced, professional ghosting does happen. With professional ghosting, it can slow the progress of work for both people involved and not involved. While there are reasons for ghosting, in a professional setting, it is never appropriate.


Potential Reasons for Being Ghosted

Regardless of the reason, ghosting a customer is very unprofessional. Nevertheless, here are some potential reasons why your web designer has not responded to you.

  • Lost login information.
  • Health or personal issues.
  • On vacation.
  • Or simply, overwhelmed with the project.

While some reasonings may not always be an avoidant response, it should be expected to be informed on potential setbacks or delayed communication.


What Should You Do?

If you have not heard from your web designer, the first thing you should do is get in touch. Send a follow-up message via voicemail, email, and/or text them to urge their response. If there is still no response, look into hiring someone new who fits the criteria you want. While it is extremely frustrating to have to start new, it is better to find someone who can consistently meet deadlines and communicate efficiently. With the original web designer out of the picture, it is important to change any WordPress login passwords shared. This will ensure your new web designer has control over any edits or changes without the other logging back in.

If your web designer took money without completing work, you may want to consider taking legal action. It is best to consult with your legal expert to see if that option is even worth pursuing.


How to Prevent being Ghosted?

Nobody tries to get ghosted, but sometimes it just happens. Here are some tips on how to prevent it from even happening.

  1. Read customer reviews before hiring your web designer. Positive reviews speak highly of the integrity and credibility of their services. Negative reviews are immediate red flags that their services and professionalism are not up to par.
  2. Check their portfolio to see if it matches the effort and design you want. A web designer’s portfolio reveals their skillset alongside creativity. This helps the web designer feel confident in showcasing the elements you want to incorporate into your website.
  3. Be upfront about expectations. The level may vary based on web designers, but you should set clear expectations prior to their start. This will eliminate any potential frustrations with deadlines or effort.
  4. Re-read the contract so there are no misunderstandings. Misunderstandings occur when there is a lack of communication. The contract serves as an agreement between two parties that is in written form for both sides to reference. This ensures the web designer is aware of their project duties, timeline, and pricing.
  5. Maintain momentum by keeping in contact weekly, if not daily. Most web designers are working on multiple projects for other companies. It can be easy for your project to lose momentum if they focus too much time on another project. By keeping in contact, ensures the project is being worked on every day while knowing what work is being put in.


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