Site design “relief” for owner of specialized consulting firm

July 3, 2012 – (Nashville, TN) – Mark Wynn of Nashville-based Wynn Consulting needed a better way to manage his online presence. As an international consultant on domestic and sexual violence prevention, he travels frequently to train professionals in law enforcement, health care, social services and victim advocacy. But his website’s calendar of his training schedule and speaking engagements was frequently out of date and updates to his site were made through the site designer, an out of town business. When researching other social services sites, he found Tennessee Alliance for Children and Families, a Websults® client. Wynn contacted Websults and ultimately chose the website strategy consulting firm to redesign his site.

Wynn Consulting

Wynn Consulting Home Page

The Websults-designed site for Wynn Consulting features:

  • Mark Wynn biography, including media appearances and current and former client list
  • Training course descriptions
  • Speaking engagement calendar
  • Comprehensive resources and reference materials, including online topic and training videos
  • WordPress content management system

In fact, Websults’ inclusion of the WordPress content management system in the site design made a big impact on Wynn.

“Finally, after all these years, I have a site I can update,” Wynn said. “What a relief.”

Websults Principal Jonathan Weindruch frequently works with clients who need an online presence that can be updated with current news, calendar events and other goals.

“By including a content management system in the site design, we provide our clients the power to maintain a dynamic online presence for their business,” Weindruch said. “Our clients are always pleased with having the ability to update their site.”

Wynn Consulting ‘s online videos and exhaustive training resources are part of Wynn’s goal for his business to become the online comprehensive resource for law enforcement and other professionals on domestic violence awareness and prevention.

“Websults gave me the site I envisioned,” Wynn said. “It has become an active billboard for my business.”

About Websults®
Websults is a website strategy consulting firm that offers organizations insights into best practices for leveraging the Internet across all areas of business. In addition to making web strategy recommendations, Websults takes responsibility for getting an organization results on the web. The company’s services include strategy consulting as well as implementation services. For more information on Websults, or to visit the Wynn Consulting website, please visit

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