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August 21, 2012 – (Nashville, TN) – PrimeSourceOPC, a custom label and tag converter and printer based in Winston-Salem, N.C., needed to redesign their website and add an online store for a trade show launch. Faced with a tight deadline, they contacted Websults®, the Nashville-based web design and online strategy consulting firm. Websults delivered a redesigned site featuring:

  • Online store built with FoxyCart and FoxyShop WordPress Plugin
  • Detailed information on company services and markets served
  • Interactive full-color project photo gallery
  • Secure online quote request form
  • WordPress content management system

The site Websults created met all of the needs of PrimeSourceOPC.

“We absolutely needed to launch our online store and it had to meet a specific design layout and functionality. Since we were going to be building the store, the redesign was a very nice extra feature,” PrimeSourceOPC Graphic Artist Bradley Strickland said. “We knew the previous site looked dated and needed to be upgraded, but we were more focused on the store. Websults took care of both, perfectly.”

The addition of the online store is a request Websults is hearing more and more from its clients.

“Our clients are realizing that a well-designed online store can meet customer demand and increase their revenue,” Websults Principal Jonathan Weindruch said. “By building online stores with FoxyCart, we help our clients get their online commerce up and running faster than ever before.”

PrimeSourceOPC’s online store is already proving its worth.

“We have received orders and everything is going great. Since we wanted to be in control of product creation and content editing/creation, we have all the tools needed to do so with our WordPress based site,” Strickland said. “Websults walked us through all the steps of product creation and content editing and the interface is not a hassle to use like other design software.”

With the new site design and online store, PrimeSourceOPC recognizes how powerful an online presence is to their bottom line.

“We told Websults what we wanted specifically, they assessed these requirements and we have a great site that is working for us that is more than just a large business card,” Strickland said. “It is now a custom tool we can use to create new business and revenue.”

“Our mission is focused on getting our clients results on the web,” Weindruch said. “We’re glad to add PrimeSourceOPC to our growing list of success stories.”

About Websults®
Websults is a website strategy consulting firm that offers organizations insights into best practices for leveraging the Internet across all areas of business. In addition to making web strategy recommendations, Websults takes responsibility for getting an organization results on the web. The company’s services include strategy consulting as well as implementation services. For more information on Websults, or to visit the PrimeSourceOPC website, please visit

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