Websults’ Touch Screen Kiosks on Display at Louisville Science Museum

Websults LLC now offers touch screen kiosks as a solution for its clients. The kiosks offer companies and organizations an affordable way to collect data from customers or can be used as a marketing support tool to present information in an interactive fashion. Websults started developing touch screen kiosk applications in 2008 as part of a larger project for museum exhibit company Eureka Exhibits and their traveling exhibit Be the Dinosaur. Two separate kiosk applications were developed for the exhibit.

“The kiosks build upon our vast experience designing and developing website applications. Their primary advantage is location, which means organizations can interact with customers and partners without requiring them to turn on their computer, connect to the Internet, and visit a certain website,” Jonathan Weindruch, Principal of Websults explained. “The touch screen applications are ideal for physicians and healthcare providers who want to improve the speed of their patient registration process or any organization that wants to leverage locations with existing foot traffic.”

Applications developed for the Be the Dinosaur exhibit were recently featured at the Louisville Science Museum. Because the touch screen kiosks require no keyboard or mouse, they are easy to use for children as well as seniors.

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