Company Expertise in Web-Based Tools for Education Field Featured

December 14, 2006 – (Nashville, TN) – Two recent conferences featured Websults’ expertise in web design best practices in the education field. Websults was invited to present its work on the Educational Needs Index, a database-driven benchmarking web site which compares county and state metrics affecting education in the United States, at the Tennessee Education Technology Conference and the annual meeting of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

“While the Internet is well known in the education world as a powerful teaching tool, it can also be used to market educational resources and programs, to connect educators to resources, and even as an internal measurement tool,” Websults Principal Jon Weindruch said. “To that end, we’ve developed the right web-based solutions for several education clients, including Vanderbilt University, the State of Tennessee and Hezel Associates.”

The presentations discussed these education industry web design best practices:

  • educational benchmarking
  • online communities
  • challenge of presenting lots of data in a web site user interface
  • designing web sites that allow for future growth
  • PHP/MySQL database engine
  • flash geographic maps as a site navigation element
  • advanced site search
  • viral marketing best practices

The Tennessee Education Technology Conference, attended by over 1,500 attendees, is an annual event for Tennessee educators and administrators to learn about the various technological resources available for education. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is the recognized regional accrediting body in the U.S. Southern states and in Latin America for higher education institutions. Its annual meeting includes nearly 4,000 participants.

About Websults®
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