Video component major feature of updated website

April 13, 2010 – (Nashville, TN) – Websults® redesigned the website for NABCO, Inc., a leading provider of explosive and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear containment solutions for public safety, security and defense organizations in the U.S. and worldwide.


NABCO Home Page

A major component of the site redesign is online video demonstrations of NABCO’s containment devices. A password-protected section of the site features the videos, which serve as a powerful marketing tool for NABCO.

“Because NABCO’s customers are tasked with public safety, they need to see NABCO’s devices in action, which isn’t feasible in an everyday setting,” Websults Principal Jonathan Weindruch said. “By including videos on their website, NABCO can fully demonstrate the effectiveness and impressiveness of their containment solutions to customers.”

In addition to the online demonstration videos, the website includes video clips of news coverage of NABCO’s devices being used by law enforcement agencies across the county.

The site also features:

  • Detailed company information
  • Profiles of NABCO’s major markets
  • Press releases
  • Government grant information for law enforcement support
  • Password-protected customer support materials

“Websults took NABCO’s original static website and developed one that truly shows off their product with dynamic online video,” Weindruch said. “We’re confident that NABCO’s new site will be a major part of their continued success.”

About Websults®
Websults is a web site strategy consulting firm that offers organizations insights into best practices for leveraging the Internet across all areas of business. In addition to making web strategy recommendations, Websults takes responsibility for getting an organization results on the web. The company’s services include strategy consulting as well as implementation services. For more information on Websults, or to view the new NABCO website, please visit

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