History of Kentico

The story of Kentico starts all the way back in 2004 with Petr Palas. With the idea and belief that there could be a more efficient way to manage and create content, Petr Palas set out to create Kentico. Palas’ objective was not money-focused but rather productivity-focused.

He wanted to help out web developers, businesses, and consumers all around the globe. Within the first 12 months, Kentico built a team and a popular CMS product without having to ever borrow money (Kentico: Our Story). As time went on, Palas continued to develop ideas and actions to improve and expand Kentico.

In 2011, Kentico created Kentico Plus, the SaaS CMS in Cloud, which was ahead of its time. Through customer feedback and Kentico’s advanced team, Kentico has grown past its former, Kentico CMS. From the vision of Palas to now the global expansion, Kentico is continuing to further improve the CMS world and customer satisfaction. Let’s find out how Kentico has grown to what it is today.


Kentico Today

Now, Kentico has expanded past its CMS services. Kentico has evolved into two separate marketing tools geared towards the midmarket and enterprises (Kentico). Instead of throwing a bunch of buzzwords and keyphrases at their customers, Kentico has made it easier for you to figure out which CMS products will better suit your business’s needs.

Kentico has recently introduced their replacement for their dated Kentico CMS/EMS called Xperience by Kentico. This program aims to accelerate growth within your company through its unified digital experience platform (DXP). Xperience by Kentico can provide your business with seamless management, marketing, commerce, and analytics tools to give your business results as fast and easy as possible. This modern product is an easy-to-use, all-in-one technology solution to build CX on your website.

As for a CMS program to replace their Kentico Cloud, Kentico has introduced Kontent by Kentico. Kontent by Kentico is a headless CMS that allows developers and marketers to work together to create a unified project. If your team has little experience with IT, then you can let Kentico do the tech work while your team can focus on the content.

At the same time if your team has a lot of experience with IT, then Kentico gives you the freedom to design and build the digital experience your business wants. Through Kontent and Xperience, Kentico allows your business to create its own vision through its two separate CMS products. If you are still having a tough time deciding which CMS product fits your needs, check out the YouTube videos below as a guide.



  • Kontent by Kentico was voted #12 in G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards.
  • Awarded 5 stars in the Emerce100 list for CMS software in 2020.
  • Kentico Xperience is named a Digital Experience Platform Leader by G2 in 2020.
  • Awarded the gold medal in the Best Forum Application category in 2011.
  • Awarded the silver medal in the Best E-commerce Application category in 2011.


CMS Vulnerabilities

Just like other CMS programs, Kentico is no stranger to having security vulnerabilities. While no CMS programs want to admit their faults, in the modern digital world, it is inevitable for there to be security breaches.

Thankfully, with the ongoing updates and advancements, Kentico along with other CMS programs, are able to combat many of the cyberthreats. Regardless, it is important to note the potential security vulnerabilities of Kentico so that you can keep an eye on them. Find out more about these vulnerabilities listed below (CVE Details).

  • .NET object deserialization
  • XSS
  • SQL
  • Exec Code XSS
  • Exec Code
  • Overflow


Well-Known Websites that use Kentico as their CMS

Over the years, Kentico has offered its CMS products to a variety of businesses of all types and sizes. Since splitting into the two divisions of Xperience and Kontent, Kentico has gained even larger global clients that are well-known.

Kentico Xperience has clients like Allergan, Ingram Micro, Konica Minolta, Land O’ Lakes, PPG, and Red Cross using their CMS services (Xperience). As for Kontent by Kentico, top businesses like Vogue, Hotels.com, and Cadbury also use their services. Although these well-known clients don’t make a difference in the outcome of your experience with Kentico, it gives a solid perspective of industry leaders in the CMS world.

Kentico has worked with and continues to work with some of the top corporations across the world.


Kentico vs. WordPress Comparison

With all of the different CMS options on the market, you may be wondering which is the best? Well, that question can be answered with the question of what are you specifically looking for in a CMS?

Both Kentico and WordPress are both well-known in the CMS world. While they both provide unique individual attributes, they provide different perspectives and approaches to website development and marketing. Let’s take a look at the comparison between Kentico and WordPress.

Kentico Pros:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • All-in-one software: online marketing, e-commerce, and CMS platform.
  • Works for small businesses, medium businesses, and enterprises.
  • Responsive customer support.

Kentico Cons:

  • Back-end data can be a mess.
  • “Jack-of-all-Trades/Master-of-None”: Kentico offers many services but isn’t the industry choice for each of them.
  • Email marketing features are not user-friendly.
  • Pricing plans are expensive.
  • Too many options make it overwhelming for newer users.

WordPress Pros:

  • Free to install and inexpensive to host.
  • Easy-to-install plugins (including security options).
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Customizable SEO components.
  • Social media integration.

WordPress Cons:

  • Difficult to navigate for those with minimal experience.
  • Customizable themes and plugins can become costly.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Unnecessary code slows down the site.

Want to know more pros and cons of Kentico vs WordPress? Check out the YouTube video below!



Since Kentico has separated into two divisions, Kontent and Xperience, their pricing varies on which package you decide on selecting. From a small scale to a corporate level, Kentico has an option that will fit the needs of your business. Here are the pricing options for both Kontent and Xperience:

Kontent by Kentico offers three pricing packages: Developer, Scale, and Enterprise.

  • Developer: Free
  • Scale: $2,499.00
  • Enterprise: Contact Kentico for Quote

Kentico Xperience offers three pricing packages: Business, Enterprise, and Corporate.

  • Business: $10,500 subscription license per year
  • Enterprise: $18,900 subscription license per year
  • Corporate: Contact Kentico for Quote



Here at Websults, we are all about transparency. We don’t want to mislead or misguide anyone since we understand how much work it takes to run and maintain a business. Below we have selected a variety of both positive and negative reviews of Kentico Xperience and Kontent by Kentico to give you an honest idea of what real customers think of their services.

Like any CMS product, there are always going to be pros and cons. Customer reviews are a great way to help you decide what may or may not work for your business specifically. Let us help you find out if Kentico products are best suited for your business!

Product: Kentico Xperience

Reviewed By: Hirani K

    • “I love most the fact that Kentico Xperience is a full-featured CMS that is it provides analytics, social media, marketing, e-commerce, etc. The user interface is impressive and well designed so easy to find things. Delivers exactly what one needs because it is so easy to customize based on needs.”

Product: Kentico Xperience

Reviewed On: Gartner Peer Insights

    • “It’s so flexible, it gives us too much choice. It’s hard for us to determine what the best solution for us is when thinking about scaling. eg: what frameworks do we develop in etc.”

Product: Kontent by Kentico

Reviewed By: Karman W

    • “I enjoy how seamless and overall User Experience design of this CMS. It is easy to follow and has consistent functionality. In comparison to other competitors, it has better technical support and overall layout.”

Product: Kontent by Kentico

Reviewed on: G2 Product Review

    • “WordPress has a better navigation and menu system. I spend weeks on implementing a menu with only three layers, it’s harder to create a menu or a sidebar in Kontent.”


Kentico Training Resources


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