Building a website may be something a company wants to delay doing since it seems like a daunting task. An organization may feel that it’s not worth the maintenance and the trouble but in reality, it’s one of the most important tools you can use when building your business. When your organization decides to take the step to having a new online presence there may be some confusion in when that big step should be taken and how long it will take to happen. Websults understands the questions that may pop up and has some advice and answers for you so you know when the best time to build your website is and how long it could take.


When To Build a Website?

Websites are a great way to market yourself to an online audience and draw them into your service, product or brand. Many people use the supercomputer in their pocket to search up something they may need on a daily basis and having your website pop up first in the search results is invaluable. So, having that opportunity, it makes sense to want to capitalize on it as soon as you can. Building a website is an important investment to legitimize your business and let customers know that you’re open. Just as it is important to have a sign on your storefront to let people know that you’re there, having a website gives you an online presence to let people searching the internet know you’re there. With that in mind, you should consider starting the process of making a website as soon as your company can afford it and is ready to start taking more calls and orders.

Building a website is an important marketing opportunity so it’s essential to make one as soon as you are able. You may wonder, though, how long could this take and is it worth the labor for the chance of more customers?


How Long Does it Take to Build A Website?

Building a website is not as arduous as it may have once been. Today, there are many different website builders that can have yours up and running in no time without the hassle of learning how to code. If you prepare certain aspects of your website in advance, you could have your website running in just a day if you wanted to. We recommend preparing the following information before attempting to build your website:

  • Colors you want to use
  • Relevant images (you might consider licensing stock images from
  • Relevant photos (staff photos are a great way to make your website more personal)
  • A list of admired website designs to base yours off
  • The content you want to have (writing the content for the website pages is usually the most difficult / time-consuming part especially if you are building a new website from scratch – as opposed to updating or improving an existing website)
  • If you are a new organization, we recommend that you finalize your logo design BEFORE you embark on your web site project. Logo designs often influence website designs, and the website design you employ should complement your logo design.

Having that information prepared in advance will help you to keep organized and avoid a messy-looking website. With all the different templates and options available when creating a website, it can be very easy to get side-tracked if you don’t have a plan.

In addition to the above information, we recommend you also do prior research into hosting sites and domain names. Once you figure out what hosting site services work best for you and your business, you’ll be ready to take the plunge and start building the website. The process of physically putting your website together won’t take you a long time as long as you put the research and preparation work into it first. Some do-it-yourself website builders include the web hosting, DNS hosting, and domain registration as part of their service.

Having a website is an essential marketing component for your business and without it you may be missing out on a lot of potential customers. The best time to make one is as soon as possible and you shouldn’t expect the process of making it to take you a long time as long as you have everything ready to start.


Websults | SEO Agency Located in Clearwater, FL

The team at Websults can help in deciding which method would work best for your needs and would be happy to set up the integration for you! As an experienced web development and eCommerce agency, Websults will listen diligently to your needs, ask questions to help identify any other needs or future needs, and will work hard to give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Even if you plan to build your next website using internal resources, we are happy to serve as a consultant to your web development project to coach and encourage your organization to reach the finish line. Remember even after you complete your new website, you need to maintain and monitor your site. If you build a new site and then ignore the site by not adding new content on a regular basis or maintaining proper security, you will never be able to maximize the value of your website. Contact Websults for a free consultation.


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